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09/07/2020 - Polar Wind Medical Center  welcomes Michelle Aiken, ANP, and is taking new patients again!


-    I welcome Michelle Aiken, ANP as the newest clinician at Polar Wind Medical Center!  She is now taking appointments for new patients, as well as those already established with our clinic.  Shelli has practiced in Fairbanks in several different clinics over the years.  She has experience and expertise in womens health concerns, working with patients who have complex medical problems, and those of all ages.   We are accepting patients aged 2 and up and of course welcome families. Shelli is also certified to do ICC (CDL) commercial driver license physica exams.  Call 457-9355 to learn more!

-     The Retainer Fee is going away!  Those of you who have been with us for many years know that, in the past, Polar Wind Medical Center has charged an annual fee, or Retainer fee, not covered by insurance.  This did help us provide services to you that are not defined as covered by insurance.  I have made the decision to eliminate that fee for 2021.

-    Nancy Schupp, ANP will be leaving Polar Wind Medical Center.   Her last day will be December 31, 2020.  Polar Wind Medical Center will be sending out a letter soon to patients who have seen Nancy regularly with details.  Nancy has provided outstanding care over the past few years and will be very much missed by us.

-    Dr. Blais is Medical Director for Hospice Services in Fairbanks effective August 7, 2020.  He continues as Medical Director for Occupational Health Services for Foundation Health Partners, which includes Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Denali Center, and Tanana Valley Clinic, since June 2019.

Kendrick D. Blais, DO, FAAFP, Owner, Polar Wind Medical Center

10/18/2017 - Dr. Blais Member of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA)

Dr. Blais has become very interested in improving his care of patients who are overweight and wanting to improve their overall health through weight loss.  As a graduate of the Massachusetts Institiute of Technology, he of course would like to assist patients based on evidence based protocols.  In the past decade there have been many improvements in our understanding of obesity and how to facilitate weight loss.  There are many changes expected to come in future as our knowledge of this disease process improves and new medications and other factors that help weight loss become available in clinical practice.

Dr. Blais recently joined the Obesity Medicine Association and attended over 50 hours of medical conference presentations in the past year to increase his knowledge.  

Dr. Blais is beginning to offer medical management of obesity as an integrated part of providing comprehesive care to his Family Medicine patients.

Dr. Blais is accepting patients who have their own primary care providers to help manage this terrible disease .  Call (907) 457-9355 for further information.

Kendrick D. Blais, DO, FAAFP, Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine

04/15/2013 - Dr. Blais re-certified in specialty of Family Medicine

Dr. Blais successfully completed a 10 year cycle called Maintenance of Certification and continues to be Board Certified in the specialty of Family Medicine. The final activity involved an all day examination on April 15, 2013 that Dr. Blais took in Anchorage, Alaska. The test covered all aspects of Family Medicine, including subjects like pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, geriatrics, care of hospitalized patient's, psychiatry, and appropriate preventive maintenance evaluations. Dr. Blais continues to meet requirements for the 10 year cycle towards re-certification in 2023!

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